Who is William and what does he do?

Families throughout the Midwest love the William and Blackjack Show. Come see this storytelling bard and participate in his interactive stories. But most of all, come see the REAL star of the show, Blackjack the Dragon. Find out the true story of how William came to be friends with Midnight, his dancing stick. See if you are brave enough to sleep at Grandpa's Castle, or face the Dragon with the One Black Eye. Sometimes we will be in for a treat when the Ogres of the Deep Dark Forest dance for us. Join William in Looking for Dragon Eggs, and finding magical pirate treasure. Catch William between shows and ask for a Magic Dragon Bubble. Children have been collecting these rare dragon artifacts for over 15 years. See you at the Faire. 

    Paper cutting, audience participation, and student actors are just a few of the styles William uses to tell his stories. Some of the stories William likes to tell are: The Secret, Grandpa's Castle, The pirate Story, The Dragon With The One Black Eye, and of course Looking for Dragon Eggs. A basic program consists of 15-20 minutes of interacting with the kids before the program, a 30-40 minute program, based on what you want, and 10-15 minutes of interacting with the kids after the program. William is always happy to make accommodations to meet your needs.

What are people saying about William?

   "I have seen William (aka Dave) tell stories with kids of all ages...he really engages them both by his style and and characterization, as well as the interactive nature of the stories.  His love for both children and storytelling really comes through." -Joa Laville -Youth Services Librarian -Marshalltown Public Library

 "An excellent way for me to unwind and not have to think about anything except being entertained." -Marcie Sienknecht  -Marshalltown Public Schools

"William and Blackjack amazed and delighted children of all ages at the Summer Reading program at Melbourne Public Library!" -Jennifer Pelfry 

"William (David Daugherty) combines his enthusiasm for teaching children and enjoyment of Renaissance lore to provide an entertaining, participatory storytelling experience for all. I have attended several of his performances, each time enjoyed watching Dave, the audience and participating myself. His costume, accent, actions and humor add to the stories he tells." -Sandy Vas -retired Educator

"William takes both young and old alike on a wonderful romp through Sherwood Forest. Kids can't wait to get up and participate in his fun-loving tales. Even the older students get into his stories. This is not your usual story hour! "Dragon tears" will be shed by all when it's time to go home." -Ann Heying -Former Site Coordinator -All Stars Program


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