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Dragon in the Door

William's Performing 2013 Summer Schedule

Moments frozen in time captured by "Captain Julie" insueth Julie Daugherty,

Lexi Daugherty, Quentin Kean, and Atthefaire.com


Frozen Moments of William's Performances

My Favorite Web Sites

A Place Where I Find Great Stories, Marshalltown Public Library

A Great Iowa Renaissance Resource Atthefaire.com

Great Renaissance Music From Orckes and Trolles

Festivals International A Site for Local Ren Faires

All Bards are welcome! The Bard Home Page

The best place on the net to get all your garb needs! The Scot's Dragon

Home of Blackjack's Friends and Family

Home of our favorite Irish Wolf Hounds!

The home page of the Crystalstix! Come see some of Midnight's friends.

I am glad you could share a cup of Ale with me and swap a few stories. Please come back and visit again!

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